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When SawStop was first introduced to the woodworking world back in 2005 they revolutionized the industry. How’d they do it? SawStop solved a problem that to many seemed unsolvable and quite frankly it was considered the “norm” of table saw ownership. We’ve all heard the statistics... In the United States alone, there is an accident every nine minutes and ten amputations a day. That said all you really need to know is that with every SawStop table saw your safety comes first.

Here’s how it works: The blade carries an electric signal. You won’t feel the blades electrical charge but it will feel you. Seriously! When your skin comes in contact with the blade of your SawStop table saw, it detects your own electrical signal and immediately activates the safety system. Within 5 milliseconds, the aluminum brake will spring into the spinning blade stopping it instantly. The momentum of the blade will drive it beneath the table and power to the motor is shut off. Once you realize you still have all your fingers and you are ready to start working on your project again, it should only take about 5 minutes to replace the blade and brake cartridge. Much quicker and cheaper than any emergency room visit.

Ready to determine which SawStop table saw would be the perfect fit for you? We thought so. Here at Wood Werks Supply, we carry every product SawStop builds. We have the versatile SawStop Contractor Saw (CNS), and the popular Professional Cabinet Saw (PCS) in both 1.7HP and 3HP models. We also stock the workhorse Industrial Cabinet Saw (ICS) in models up to 7.5HP. Each SawStop saw has its own unique benefits, but ultimately the most important benefit you’ll receive is unmatched safety.

SawStop has the best table saws in the industry and they are the only manufacturer that helps you keep your most valuable tools... Your fingers. Why haven’t you ordered yours yet?

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SawStop 1.75HP Professional Cabinet Saw
Two thumbs and eight fingers up! Review by Fingers
The safety features put this saw over the top for me. Packaging and assembly instructions are the best I have ever seen. Quality is top notch. Spouse buy in was instantaneous after watching the sawstop DVD. Treat yourself to a top quality machine and buy this saw.
SawStop 3HP Professional Cabinet Saw
Saw Stop 3HP Review by Michael
I can't recall the last time I was so excited over a tool - my PCS arrived mid afternoon and 5 Hours later I had it up and running. The detailed instructions were first class - if only other companies paid as much attention to detail. The most complicated thing was putting together the mobile base - but mainly because I should have read the instructions carefully :-) Overall quality is first class - Highly recommend the Sawstop and the professional service offered by Nick Gohring at Wood Werks who answered my pre purchase questions. I have already made new carriage doors for my woodshop. Have eliminated almost all the main dust in my shop now!! A very happy woodworker.
SawStop Dado Lock Down Zero Clearance Insert
Best Insert Ever Review by Kevin
I love the SawStop insert plates. They positively lock down and are easy to adjust to perfectly align with the table top.
SawStop Outfeed Table
SawStop Outfeed Table Review by Mike
Like all SawStop products the Outfeed Table is perfectly engineered and flawlessly finished. Every nut, bolt and washer is perfectly machined and clearly marked in typical SawStop step-by-step illustrated instruction and all color coded to match the multiple steps in the instruction sheet. The table is a precision accessory to my table saw,solid and stable and worth twice what it costs. 5 stars without question and Wood Werks product support was great too.
SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw Mobile Base
Pretty Good Review by Kevin
I really like the integrated mobile base. It is durable enough to move the saw and doesn't feel flimsy or to weak to move this 500+ pound machine. I did have a little bit of trouble getting the foot lever to "lock" in the up position, but I'm not sure if that could have possibly been operator error. Once it was locked the casters moved the saw easily around the concrete floor.
Why I Bought a SawStop Table Saw
If I invented a pill that cured cancer, I can assure you that I wouldn’t try to force it down your throat via legislation, regulation or some other governmental mandate...So why the heck would someone like me buy a SawStop table saw... Read More.
Why I Bought A Sawstop
I recently bought a SawStop tablesaw. (Is that the sound of applause I’m hearing?) On the one hand, it was an easy decision. Who wouldn’t want the blade brake safety feature only SawStop offers. On the other hand, it wasn’t a snap decision. In fact, years went by between the time I first used a SawStop and when I finally bought one... Read More.