6 Creative Clamp Uses in Woodworking



In woodworking, having an “extra set of hands” can ultimately provide the precision needed to make the difference between a good product and an outstanding one. Clamps offer not only precision and hold but also versatility in a variety of tasks. Below are seven creative ways to use clamps in woodworking, featuring innovative products from Collins Tool Co, Rockler, and Kreg.

1. Frame Clamping with Collins Miter Clamps

Collins Miter Clamps are specifically designed for precision in clamping mitered corners, making them ideal for picture frames, small boxes, or trim molding. They ensure the mitered parts align perfectly at a 90-degree angle, enhancing the durability and aesthetics of the finished product.

2. Securing Workpieces with Kreg Bench Clamps

Kreg’s Bench Clamps are excellent for securing a workpiece while performing tasks like cutting, sanding, or routing. These clamps are adaptable and can slide along a track, allowing for rapid repositioning without losing grip strength, thus optimizing workflow and consistency.

3. Gluing Panels Using Rockler Panel Clamps

When assembling a large surface such as a tabletop, maintaining even pressure across all joints is crucial to avoid warping. Rockler Panel Clamps excel in providing uniform pressure, ensuring a smooth, flat finish on wide stock where traditional clamps might fall short.

4. Holding Irregular Shapes with Kreg 90 Degree Corner Clamp

Kreg’s 90 Degree Corner Clamp is invaluable for working with non-square shapes, holding pieces at a right angle during assembly. Its ability to adjust to various thicknesses makes it perfect for constructing complex geometric structures or simple boxes and frames.

5. Using Clamps to Direct Lighting in Specific Situations

Sometimes, achieving the right lighting is as crucial as the woodworking itself, especially when finishing or detailing intricate pieces. A simple but effective method is to use a sturdy clamp to hold a work light in place, directing the beam precisely where needed. This can illuminate detailed work areas or highlight specific textures and finishes, providing better visibility and resulting in higher quality craftsmanship.

6. Hanging a Bucket with Supplies Using Clamps

Efficiency in the workshop can be significantly enhanced by having all necessary supplies within arm’s reach. A creative use of clamps involves hanging a bucket or a tote filled with frequently used tools and materials. By clamping the handle of the bucket to a workbench or a nearby shelf, you can keep your supplies organized and portable, ready to move to wherever they are needed next.

Each of these clamp uses highlights the versatility and utility of clamps in a woodworking environment. From enhancing workflow efficiency to helping achieve artistic visions in wood, the right clamps—like those from Collins Tool Co, Rockler, and Kreg—can elevate your woodworking projects from good to great. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced woodworker, incorporating these creative clamp uses into your workshop practices can lead to better results and a more enjoyable crafting experience. Stop by Wood Werks Supply today for all your clamp needs!


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