Why Amana Tools?

Amana Tool was the first manufacturer to produce router bits according to the Holz BG German standard for safety and quality (this standard contains rules that determine the structure and quality of the tool's material in order to create the safest environment for the user).

Amana uses special carbon alloy steel with vanadium particles for their router bits. This improves the structural integrity of the steel and prevents corrosion and defects in the internal structure of the material. High-tech machinery processes the steel to manufacture the router bodies in a single clamping. This yields router bits with superior balance, centricity, precision and symmetry.

Not only does Amana produce high quality router bits, they also manufacture superior industrial saw blades. Each Amana blade is engineered for the smoothest possible cut andextra long blade life. The saw blades feature copper plug technology to minimize noise and vibration during operation and large carbide teeth that can be sharpened several times.

Each tool that bears the Amana Tool name is created under the sharp scrutiny of the company's inspection department and in accordance with the International Organization of Standardization's (ISO's) 9000 quality management standard. This makes Amana’s router bits and saw blades the leading option for the woodworking industry.

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Every Amana tool will be shipped via UPS or USPS.
Most orders will ship from Amana's facility in New York. However, if inventory is available, we'll ship from our Columbus, Ohio facility.
Orders received before noon typically leave our warehouse or Amana's warehouse same day.
We only collect sales tax on orders shipped within the state of Ohio. If you reside in the state of Ohio, and have blanket exemption certificate, we'll gladly honor that.