Why Earlex?

Earlex Inc. is part of a family-owned Company based in the United Kingdom, with US headquarters in Charlotte, NC. Earlex offers a a complete range of high volume low pressure (HVLP) paint sprayers, steam tools and heat tools for home and professional use.

Earlex's Spray Station HVLP technology provides maximum control and minimal overspray for an easy-to-use finishing method that's ideal for dozens of your indoor and outdoor projects. The Spray Station line offers many sprayer system options including the best selling HV5500 and the new SprayPort 6003. Earlex Spray Stations are preferred by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts in the woodworking industry. Every Earlex SprayStation can handle a wide variety of finishing substances including: latex, enamel, stains, lacquers, cellulose, varnishes, primers, shellacs, polyurethanes, acrylics, metal finishes, smooth masonry paint.

Earlex Steam tools are eco-friendly since they don't require any harsh chemicals, just clean water. Use the Earlex WS77 Steam Generator to create bendable wood for new furniture designs and woodworking projects. The Steam Generator works great for many wood bending projects, and this compact electric steamer runs on a standard current with built in thermal protection.

Earlex heat tools are ideal for removing paints and coatings from a wide range of surfaces. The HG1500 heat gun is easy to use with two heat settings, one at 660 F and the other at 1110 F. The HG1500 is capable of shrinking and bending plastic, defrosting pipes, removing vinyl floor tiles, soldering, lighting grills, softening adhesives, aging or drying wood as well as many other uses.



This depends on what you order. Heavy machinery will be shipped by a common carrier. If you ordered only a small accessory, it may be shipped via UPS, FedEx or USPS.
Earlex orders will ship from our warehouse in Columbus, Ohio.
Orders received before noon typically leave our warehouse the same day.
We only collect sales tax on orders shipped within the state of Ohio. If you reside in the state of Ohio, and have blanket exemption certificate, we'll gladly honor that.