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This is my first buying experience with your company, but it won't be the last.Buying one day and receiving the next is super. Keep up the great attention to customers. Thanks again

Thomas - Mishawaka, IN

Very fast service, one business day for shipping, (Ts55) packaged well and arrived unharmed (boxes did not look knocked around). Everything done very well, Thank you

J McCue - Palos Hills, IL

Saw back ordered but only took a few weeks to get, was delivered to my garage, in great shape put together and was using in an hour. Very good saw. Wood Works had the best price anywhere. Got saw, base, light and blades cheaper than just the saw at another location.

Jim -Zephyrhills, FL

Living in the greater Columbus area for over 15 years I have had the opportunity to shop at all of the local woodworking stores. None of them compare to Woodwerks. When it comes to a knowledgeable, courteous staff, as well as competitive pricing and selection of products, Woodwerks is the place to shop. These guys are not just employees working retail. They are knowledeable woodworkers with each of them having their own speciality and working in that specific department. If you need a particular product there's a good chance they have it. If they don't, they will get it for you and call you the moment it arrives. This sort of knowledge and service is what sets this store apart from all the rest. Todd and his staff are top notch.

Jeff - New Albany, OH

The new site layout is awesome!!! Thank you for making the experience of travel on you site so much more easy and informational.. Love the cartoon characters of the crew wonderful job by the program builders.. you have an understanding for the guy's like me that are not computer friendly.. Your Company has all the right tools for the job- In the office and in the sales room "It Werks" Thank You

Steve - Columbus, OH

I must have called and emailed WoodWerks at least 20 times asking all kinds of questions about CNC routing. The staff was so helpful and never hesitated helping me. Even the owner of the store spent time talking with me.

I drove two hours to Columbus and picked up my new Axiom AutoRoute 6 CNC Router. I am so pleased with my purchase and I signed up to get notified of all of WoodWerks sales.

The machine is perfect and since the purchase i have called and asked additional questions and again, everyone is so helpful. This is top shelf service, both prior to and after the purchase.

I would recommend WoodWerks to everyone. I wouldn't hesitate driving two hours to visit this store.

Great job everyone!

Pat - Wadsworth, OH

I just started doing woodworking this Summer. Then I heard about WoodWerks Supply in the Fall and came by to see what you have. Wow! I especially noted the accessories near the door -- the variety of adhesives and such tells me they are about quality, something that a big-box store cannot equal.

I have so far made use of the small pieces of exotics and the quality plywoods. In the near future I will be making a few accessories for the house. And they have the things that the project will need.

Collin - Westerville, OH

I just ordered a Festool Kapex online and Mike called me with a question about shipping. He start the conversation by saying "First of all, we really appreciate your order". What really struck me was that I couldn't remember the last time a retailer said they appreciated by business. "Thank you" is obligatory these days but "appreciation" is not a word you use unless you mean it.

Mike's question revolved around options that might help me get my gear sooner. I was impressed. Generally when you order online, the retailer doesn't think twice about how soon you get your stuff. The fact that Mike thought about other options — and called me — blew me away.

A+ for customer service. I wish there were more stores that cared as much as Wood Werks does.

Andrew - Columbus, OH

Came through for a number of projects lately; from lumber, to clamps and some abrasives... great experience every time! Always have what I need!

Darrel - Westerville, OH

I spent a bit of time shopping around for my first 'real' table saw and band saw. I stumbled across Wood Werks website. I called and talked to several of the guys specifically about the Laguna tools. They were very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They also had a promotion for the tools I was looking at. I was able to place the order over the phone very easily. They kept me updated (through email) on the status of my order. After ordering my table saw and band saw, I realized that I would need either a router lift or router that I could easily adjust from the top of my table. I called Wood Werks and talked to Bill. He ended up finding me a package deal on a Triton Router along with a Kreg plate. I have been very impressed with the customer service every time I have called to place an order or just ask a question. I would highly recommend Wood Werks to anyone. I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Nate - Las Vegas, NV

Nick was great. Bought my Laguna bandsaw and he took care of any issues i might have had, the same day! Will be sure to check with him next time i place an order. This is the greatest on-line sales i've ever had. Replies the same day, immediate forwarding to the right people, what more could one ask for? Thanks for all of your help Nick.

Ken - El Reno, OK

In case you are shopping around for a place to buy your tools, here is an example of what you can expect, to let you know why you can believe WoodWerks" motto “Here before and after the sale.” And why buying Festool is a good idea, beyond the obvious benefits of the tools they make.

I bought a Festool TS55, the long rail and some clamps. The order had to be drop shipped as the long rail was too long for UPS or USPS. I was quite excited to meet the truck driver with my order, but as he shut the door with only the long rail and the standard rail that came with the saw, minus the saw and the clamps, I remember saying something like.... I don’t think so. I asked about the rest of it, which was in fact clearly marked on the bill of lading, he went back into the truck and did not find the saw...

I called WoodWerks and explained what I described above. I was kind of expecting to get a bit of a run around and be put off on to the shipping company to wait the outcome of their investigation, then to be given the too bad so sad story, good luck with the insurance, but not so. The person I talked to was VERY accommodating and assured me they would make things right. Later that day, the person that relieved him on the job called to give me an update. The next morning, again a call from Woodwerks, assuring me they things would be taken care of.

Then Festool called. They all of course asked a few questions so they might be able to understand what happened to this very expensive saw, but above that, was their insistence that I was not to worry, things would be put right and I would have a saw, whether that one or another, in short order.

Festool themselves shipped another saw within a week, then the shipping company found the other saw. I called the logistics person back with that information and he said take a look at both, keep the one you want, and ship the other back, on us. He provided a return UPS label, and offered to have UPS come to my house and pick it up. Sadly the saw from the trucking company had a bad trip of it, it looked ok and still worked, but the sustainer box took some small hits, so I was very thankful I was given the choice of saws to keep. But having dealt with customer service, I know they would have made things right either way.

Things happen. The lost saw had NOTHING to do with WoodWerks or Festool, it was clearly marked on the shipping lading, but both companies bent over backwards to put things right and make sure I was not only satisfied but happy with doing business with them.

I’m just a regular Joe, I stand in awe of the things people do with these tools. For those of you that need these things to make a living or for those of us who just enjoy quality tools, you can rest assured these companies will work hard for you to get you what you need and make sure you want to continue to do business with them.

Greg - Eads, TN

I think your cloth's line is an absolute must for any wood werker out there! You cannot wear these items out, take my word I've tried. You guy's are the True Woodwerkers "Candy Store". Get on line and check the deals on their pants, shirts etc. great quality and a reasonable price. A++++

Steve - Columbus, OH

Great place to shop for woodworking tools. I have bought some router bits there and they have a very good selections from 2 vendors. I also restore and build wooden boats, their Mahogany selction of wood is always good, with a lot of wide and long boards. I like talking to Todd about building boats.

Jeff - Grove City, OH

I shop here about once every three weeks or so. Always love the assistance I get! The router bit program is wonderful!

Heath - Columbus, OH

I drove over two hours to visit the store. The sales staff was phenomenal and I left with everything I needed. Their professionalism was next to none.

Danny - Uniontown, OH

Visited the store for the first time, ended up coming in two times in my first day! Excellent staff with lots of know-how! I am destined to be a lifetime customer!

Darrel - Westerville, OH

I only recently became a woodworker. So needless to say I am very green. I have lived in central Ohio for less than 4 years now, and took up woodworking only 2 years ago. I found a great amount of expertise and a large knowledge base at Wood Werks. You see, I didn't know I had an amazing resource so close to me. I live in Utica (45 minutes east of Columbus). I attended my first show in 2012 there at your store. While I was there I met a lot of fellow workers and was able to meet lots of folks that as a green woodworker have been great to correspond with.

Also while in attendance I took advantage of the wood sale going on. I think it was 20% off? I ended up purchasing 20+ lbs. of PurpleHeart from the turning bins. I finally had the opportunity to use some of it for my wife's Christmas present for this last year. I made her a Maple table and used the PurpleHeart for an inlay. The inlay said "No One" (ribbon in center) and below the ribbon "Fights Alone". She is an Oncology RN at the James in Columbus. She lost her father and best friend to Cancer and even has the same inlay design as a tattoo on her back. So it was very special to her.

Thank you guys and gals so very much for being a great resource even for us greenies.

Kevin - Utica, OH

This past week I purchased a Jet wood Lathe(JWL1442VSK) from your store and I just want to tell you how pleased I am with it.I am NOT experienced at all with using a lathe but I gotta say this machine is everything and more that your sales person (Ron Damon) said it would be. Speaking of Ron, my wife and I have dealt with hundreds of sales associates over the years and Mr. Damon tops the list for the most knowledgeable, caring,informative persons that we have ever had the pleasure on working with.He certainly knows his stuff.

Back to the lathe. One day after getting it set up, a close friend called me to ask if I could possibly make him several replacement spindles for a couple of antique chairs his grand kids had knocked over and broken.At the time, he didn't even know I owned a lathe.All he knew was that I had a wood shop and thought that possibly I could help him or put him in touch with someone that could. A day later, he dropped off one of the broken spindles and later that afternoon, I started on the project. approximately 2 hours later I was done (six new spindles). After the first one, all the rest were a piece of cake. The guy couldn't be happier and the chairs will soon be back together and good as new. He even has a couple spares in case the kids get too rough again.

Tom - Westerville, OH

Outstanding customer service while purchasing some equipment from WoodWerks!! I even received a phone call from Todd and he spent a great deal of time explaining details of the equipment I was interested in. He answered all of my questions, was never in a rush and was extremely professional. I also spoke with Nick and email back and forth with him several times. Once again, he answered all of my questions and made my buying experience a great one! Great job guys!!

Rudy - Buffalo, WV

Just wanted to say thanks! I picked up 250 ft. of red oak on 3-15-14 and Mike helped me load up the lumber into my truck. He was helpful, professional and funny!

Douglas - Columbus, OH

I have been having problems with a Mirka sander. The staff on Claycraft Road were very good at finding warranty info and where to send the sander in for repair. Bill had helped me tremendously. After getting to sander back from the repair facility, It worked good for a while. Then started acting up again. I returned to Woodwerks and talked to Bill again, He in return called the guy that deals with Mirka, They ended up replacing my sander with a new one. That makes your staff at Woodwerks number 1 in my book. Thanks again Bill for all your help. I will remain a customer for years to come.

Bill - Gahanna, OH

Awesome site all you will ever need!!!

James - Jackson, TN

Excellent customer service, helpful & knowledgeable staff. Very easy company to work with. I can't say enough about the people that work here.

Greg - Columbus Grove, OH

I have shopped at Wood Werks for several years. I buy mostley Mahogany wood, router bits and West System products. They have always had a good supply in stock to supply my needs. I am a boat builder and restorer of my own boats. Their staff is very knowledgable, the owners have also built boats, so that helps also.

Jeff - Grove City, OH

My first Festool purchase was the track saw. The accuracy and ease of operation is mind boggling. The dust extraction is so good, even with a non Festool vacuum, it creates opportunities to cut in places that you just couldn't cut before. I WILL be buying the Festool vacuum this spring because of the success I have enjoyed with my track saw and the Rotex sander.You guys have been telling me this since the product came available, but it seemed too expensive. As Todd has said, "They are actually the least expensive tools you can buy, considering what they do". Thanks, Todd!

Jack - Westerville, OH

In February I purchased a Sawstop tablesaw. I just wanted to let you know that Bill Casey treated me like I was the only person there that day. The guys were busy that morning...they had unloaded a truck full of Laguna power tools that were sitting in the warehouse and needed to be dealt with. There was a truck out in the shipping/receiving area unloading lumber at the same time we were loading my trailer. Bill carefully loaded the saw for me and helped me secure it for it's 2 hour journey home in my open trailer.

I have made a lot of 2 hour trips from my home to Woodwerks over the years for my tool purchases. You are always treated with respect by people who know the tools they are selling!

Brent - Columbus, OH

The best thing in Wood Werks is your staff. They are always friendly and willing to share their knowledge with all customers.

They are an endless source of information and suggestions about products to solve problems that novice woodworkers [like me] often have. It seems that everyone has some unique knowledge base. My most often used source is Charlie aka "Slim Pickins." I always have lots of questions about wood staining and finishing and, like the rest of the staff, Charlie has a concise and thorough suggestion that is helpful.

Bob - Hebron, OH

It's nice to have a woodworker in charge so I can pick his brain about my project. You can't do that at Home Depot or Lowes!

Dick - Westerville, OH

Got a great tip from one of the Wood Werks experts at the Expo this year. While talking to a Freud rep, I commented that his new smooth cutting blade would leave a rough bottom in a dado. He admitted he was in over his head, so he called over one of the Wood Werks guys. He told us about a top bearing router bit that clears the bottom of dados and rabits. He confirmed my suspicion that a 1/4" bit shank in a trim router would work well since little material is removed. I bought the Freud blade and the Amana router bit. They work great and so easy too.

Fred - Granville, OH

Congrats on the website! Looking forward to using it more! You guys are the best! I have bought a number of Festool products from Wood Werks but I have to admit that the 150 ETS sander I purchased along with the Festool 26 dust collector is my favorite! There is virtually no dust when I sand and the results far exceed what I thought I could do. The quality of the finish as long as I proceed thru the various grits surprises me as I viewed getting a professional result to be unattainable by the hobby woodworker I would have described myself as being! And to top it off, I think I can get even better!

Robert - Pickerington, OH

I recently ordered a Laguna 14-12 bandsaw and two bandsaw blades from your company. I just wanted to congratulate you on the wonderful service that I experienced. The freight delivery was the fastest I have ever encountered. I ordered on Wednesday and my bandsaw was delivered today. Simply amazing. Thank you once again for such excellent service.

Dennis - Bloomington, IL

As a first time shopper I've got to say I'm pretty impressed with my first online purchase with your company. I was very excited to receive my new Earlex HV5500 HVLP spray station. Ordering process was simple. The Price, free shipping and free tip included sealed the deal for me. But the reason that prompted me to even write this was because I received an email that my order has already shipped (same day as ordering). I like the fact the email was even signed by an employee (Nick). I will defiantly keep you in mind when I'm ready to upgrade the shop again.

Paul - Edwardsville, IL

Once every so often we meet a special group of people in lifes journey. People you are always happy to see, people who are kind and sincere. That's what you folks are to me. Thanks for they way you treat me and for the way you are. Looking forward to many more years of friendship and business.


In the future, I will eagerly buy from you again. Thank you for your outstanding customer service!

A very satisfied customer.

John - Richmond, IN

Just a quick thank you for the expo. Our first time visiting your store. Myself and three other friends visited with you on Saturday. We were very please with your store and will be back. I know it took alot of work putting this thing together and it "made our day." Thanks to all of you!


Thank you for sending two cartridges for my SawStop. I appreciate your honesty and speed with which you corrected this problem.

Bill - Newark, OH

Wow! Awesome store! My husband and I were totally impressed with the friendly service and knowledge of the staff!

Thank you! In this age of technology, customer service is a rarity. Keep up doing what you do! It is very much appreciated!

Dean & Adreinne - Medina, OH

I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding service. Last week, after I had made a purchase at your store, you called me to let me know you had overcharged me on one of the items and would make the correction on my charge card bill. Then you called again that day to let me know that you had found a piece of equipment that had fallen off a grinding machine I had bought and would UPS to me, which I recieved. It looks like I really kept you buys that day!

The above two actions on your part shows me your company is a world class organization and you truly care for your customer. You can be sure I will be back in the future to make purchases and will recommend your company every chance I get.

Bing - Hillsboro, OH