How We Source Our Materials

At Wood Werks, we understand the importance of responsible lumber sourcing. Our commitment to sustainability, environmental conservation, and ethical practices drives every decision we make when it comes to acquiring materials.


Local and Domestic Sourcing

One of the key principles that guide our lumber sourcing strategy is the preference for local and domestic suppliers. By choosing to work with nearby lumber mills and forests, we reduce our carbon footprint by cutting down on transportation emissions. Supporting local and domestic economies is also important to us, as it helps to strengthen the communities in which we operate.


The Great Myths Surrounding the Lumber Industry

One of the biggest challenges confronting the lumber industry today isn’t the implementation of proper and environmentally sensitive harvesting techniques, but actually the misconceptions that people have about the industry. The survival of the industry is contingent upon meticulous planning, effective management practices, and a sense of responsibility towards the areas where loggers operate. It’s in the best interest of various lumber companies to ensure the sustainability and protection of this crucial resource to secure the industry’s continued existence.


Sustainable Forestry Practices

Wood Werks is committed to sourcing lumber from forests managed with sustainable forestry practices. We work with suppliers who follow strict guidelines, such as those set by organizations like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). For instance, all the plywood we have in stock is FSC certified.

These practices include reforestation, responsible harvesting, and the preservation of biodiversity. By ensuring that our lumber is sourced from sustainably managed forests, we actively contribute to the long-term health and viability of our planet.


Responsible Supply Chain

Our responsibility extends through the entire supply chain. We work with suppliers who follow environmental and ethical standards, ensuring that the wood we receive has been sourced responsibly from the very beginning. By choosing suppliers who share our values, we help promote responsible practices throughout the industry.


Minimizing Waste

We are committed to minimizing waste throughout the lumber sourcing process. Offcuts and unused wood are saved for smaller projects, and we work to optimize our cutting patterns to reduce waste as much as possible. This approach not only conserves resources but also lowers our costs, allowing us to provide high-quality products at competitive prices.


Get Responsibly Sourced Materials from Wood Werks in Columbus, OH

At Wood Werks, we take lumber sourcing responsibly seriously. Our commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and environmental conservation is evident in every step of our process. By choosing to work with local and domestic suppliers, supporting sustainable forestry practices and maintaining a responsible supply chain, we aim to provide our customers with products that not only look and feel great but also reflect our dedication to the planet and its future.


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