Oxx Products

75 seconds to the perfect cup of coffee
The COFFEEBOXX efficiently brews your coffee at the touch of a button so there’s no need to wait while at work or play.

Separate on-demand hot water line
The COFFEEBOXX does much more than make a great cup of coffee. With a separate hot water line you can steep your tea or make a quick meal with clean, coffee-free water.

Easy-grip rubberized handle
The comfortable handle makes it easy to bring your COFFEEBOXX wherever you want to go.

6 stainless steel tie-downs
These tie-downs make it easy to strap your COFFEEBOXX into place, no matter what terrain you’re rolling over.

Removable drip tray
The COFFEEBOXX is ready to make enough coffee to keep you going during the day, so we made sure there was room for those extra-tall insulated vacuum bottles.

Our heavy-duty OXX® chassis can withstand a 1500 lb. load.
Watertight design on the 2.5L water tank prevents spills during the roughest rides.
Tight seams mean external moisture will have a hard time messing with this machine.
With an integrated rubberized handle and weighing only 12 Lbs empty, the COFFEEBOXX goes anywhere.
Rust resistant hardware and construction helps the COFFEEBOXX last in the field.
The COFFEEBOXX is designed to keep dirt and debris on the outside.