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The Mirka motto, "Quality from Start to Finish" advocates their commitment to excellence. With decades of experience and a strong dedication to product development, Mirka has become a pioneering specialist in dust-free surface finishing. Mirka's innovative machines combined with a range of their effective, high quality accessories and abrasives, offer unmatched sanding solutions that meet the individual needs of professionals, hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts.

Mirka routinely works to advance the industry, through unique and patented products such as Abralon and Abranet abrasives. Additionally, Mirka has introduced two revolutionary sanders, the CEROS and the new DEROS in 2015. The CEROS is half the weight and size of traditional electric finishing sanders with a powerful brushless DC motor that is smooth, quiet and maintenance free. The DEROS has all the awesome features of the CEROS with the addition of an internal power supply and a ‘closed construction’ design which prevents dust from entering the motor where it can cause wear and damage.

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Mirka DEROS 5" DC Sander Random Orbit Kit
Great product and great service from Woodwerks Review by Larry
Received the Deros Sander on time. Couldn't believe how light and efficient the sander is. We had to sand walls and door jambs and this is the only tool to use. I really like how the sander hooked up to my Festool HEPA filter vacuum. Dust was virtually non existent.
Mirka Ceros 6" Compact Electric Random Orbital Sander
Worth the price of entry Review by Tony Reynolds
I purchased the Mirka Ceros 6" ROS last week, coupled with the Festool CT 26E dust extractor, and Abranet abrasive discs. My intent was to eliminate the dust generated in the sanding process. This system lives up to that task and more! Along with virtually no dust, the unit is fast, light weight and very quiet even with the CT 26 running. The auto on function of the CT 26 works perfectly with the Ceros. The Abranet discs are amazing as well. They sand beautifully and appear to last at least 3 to 4 times longer than the Mirka Gold discs I have been using in the past. Yes, the price of entry is rather high. But, if you are doing sanding in a production environment and wish to speed production as well as virtually eliminate the dust problem, then this system is worth every dollar spent. I wish I had upgraded several years ago. Highly recommended.
Mirka Ceros 5" Compact Electric Random Orbital Sander
I am amazed Review by Tom
Quick setup and connection to the vac and then this sander is a pleasure to work with. It is quick to get the job done and does not fatigue the arm or hand. Had a hard time convincing myself to spend the $, but now that I have it is well worth the money.

Tool Test – DEROS Random-orbit Sander
I avoid sanding as much as possible – but sometimes it has to be done. Since early 2010, when we got a Mirka CEROS (Compact Electrical Random Orbital Sander) in for pre-release testing, that's been my go to tool for this dreaded task... Read More.


Mirka: Finish Gear From a Finnish Company
Random orbit sanders are fairly mundane tools, so when my friend Ken insisted I come see his newly acquired sander, I figured it must be pretty special. It was... Read More.


Mirka Abrasives Sanding Belts and Disks
Mirka is well known for their sanding products and I have used their sanding disk for years but as with any sanding disk you always have the problem of clogging and dust. As an answer to this Mirka has a line of disk that look like window screening and virtually eliminate dust if you are using a good vacuum with your sander... Read More.


Another Feather in the Mirka Abranet Cap
The most beneficial discoveries come when you least expect them. Last week as I wrapped up finish on the desk for the November issue and from our upcoming book “Furniture in the Southern Style”, I was about to sand my first couple coats of shellac. I dug through my sandpaper drawer and soon found out that I was out of... Read More.