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Why Sjobergs?

Invest in a reliable workbench!

A workbench is the foundation of a woodworking classroom. As it’s going to be used year after year by girls and boys that are hungry for woodworking, it has to be reliable. All of Sjobergs' workbenches are produced at their workshop in Stockaryd. A workbench from Sjöbergs has a reputation for quality among both teachers and pupils. They have more than 90 years of experience in producing workbenches and other equipment. It’s about quality in the choice of material, construction, finish and long-term functioning. The wide range you find at Sjobergs is the best the market can provide. They have thought about the users in every detail, often in consultation with skilled woodworking teachers.

Sjöbergs supplies almost every school in Sweden not only with woodworking benches but also storage cabinets and specialist tables for textile classes, sewing, cutting and ironing.

Achieving top quality is the company’s primary objective. Sjobergs proudly offers ten years warranty on their professional workbenches.

Already, the company is ISO certified in both the manufacturing quality and environmental protection categories.



This depends on what you order. Heavy machinery will be shipped by a common carrier. If you ordered only a small accessory, it may be shipped via UPS, FedEx or USPS.
Orders ship from our warehouse in Columbus, Ohio.
Orders received before noon typically leave our warehouse the same day. Machinery orders which are drop-shipped typically require an extra 1-2 days for processing.
We only collect sales tax on orders shipped within the state of Ohio. If you reside in the state of Ohio, and have blanket exemption certificate, we'll gladly honor that.
The truck which delivers your saw will have a hydraulic lift-gate to lower your saw to the ground. While not required to, the drivers are typically willing to help you roll your saw a short distance into your garage or shop.