We'd like to share with you an exciting new way for all woodworkers to gain, grow and share knowledge and experience, 360WoodWorking. The three partners of 360, Bob Lang, Glen Huey and Chuck Bender all have extensive experience as professional woodworkers. You likely also know them as authors of books and magazine articles, teachers and hosts of videos. They have teamed up to reinvent woodworking media, using the best available content from reliable authors and the latest digital methods for production.

Books, magazines, websites and videos all have their strong points, but they also have limitations. Chuck, Bob and Glen have stepped outside the box by combining different forms of media in a user-friendly, easy to navigate package. They have removed the boundaries and work with the philosophy of telling the story in the most effective way for the widest possible audience, with text, images, video, 3D models and clear detailed illustrations. 360WoodWorking may resemble a magazine or a website, but goes far beyond what is possible in either format alone.

"360WoodWorking may resemble a magazine or a website, but goes far beyond what is possible in either format alone…"

It all starts at their website 360woodworking.com where you will find articles, classes and videos on all aspects of woodworking, from basic skills to the intricate details of period furniture. They are also introducing what they call “cross media presentations”. Written by experienced and well-known woodworkers, these presentations combine text, images and video. Because this is in a digital format, photographs and drawings can be as large as they need to be, and when a story is better told with video or an animation, a simple click sets that in motion. There is no need to leave a document and navigate the internet to find a video; it's embedded and instantly available.

Projects are also presented as video classes. You can watch the entire video, or view one segment at a time. When you return, the class remembers where you were so you don't need to start over or search to find where you left off. Presentations are delivered to subscribers in both enhanced PDF format and as web pages. The PDF format is professionally designed and articles include video, slide shows with additional images and separate pages of drawings. You can enjoy the PDF on your computer, print the entire presentation, or selected pages. The web version can be viewed on your tablet or smart phone anywhere there is access to the internet.

Visit 360woodworking.com and check it out. Samples of what Glen, Chuck and Bob are up to are now available, and the first large presentation will be available soon. Major presentations will be released every other month, and single topic presentations will be released every other week, in addition to blog posts, short videos and podcasts every week. There will always be something new online, and the major releases will be events you won't want to miss. 360WoodWorking includes free web content as well as subscription content. All content will be free, including the first major production until the end of 2014. Visit the website today and subscribe to 360WoodWorking “Where Tech Meets Tradition”.