What does your dust collection system look like in your shop. If we had to guess, you probably have a cyclone dust collector. Why? Because this has long been one of the best options on the market for keeping a clean shop. That said, cyclone dust collectors aren't without their faults, (and user errors), which can impact overall efficiency.

Now, lets talk about how the team at Harvey has innovated a game changing dust collection system. Much like a traditional cyclone dust collector, the Gyro Air system moves air via a paddle wheel fan, through a filter. It's what happens before the moving air hits the filter that is the game changer.

The Gyro Air intakes dirty air and splits it into two cylindrical compartments. Within each compartment you'll find a sheet metal separator, these giant tapered “screws” have one function and that is to quickly spin the dirty air. Located beneath the two sheet metal screws are holes where the dust is literally flung into two collection bins. In short, the Gyro Air is amazingly efficient at separating the dust from your shop air by using simple physics.

Now here's what's truly interesting about this new system. There is a filter on the Gyro Air, but technically the air leaving the two chambers is so clean, a filter isn't as necessary on the Gyro Air as it is on a cyclone collector. According to lab tests, only 0.01 percent of the dust actually hits the filters!

Other features we love about the Gyro Air:
• At full power, the Gyro breaks into the high 70’s decibel (dBa) range. Compared to other cyclones on the market this is really quiet and you likely won't need to run full power very often if at all.
• The dust collection bins have a full indicator, huge capacity (120 liters) and are very simple to empty. You open a door, release a latch, and both bins, one with large chips, the other with fine, roll forward and are easily emptied.
• Air moves more efficiently through the Gyro Air which could potentially save you some money on your electric bill. And because only 0.01% of the dust actually hits the filters, if you forget to clean the filters for a few months, the Gyro Air will still work without a noticeable change in air flow.

Ready to learn more about this amazing machine? Click here to read up on specifications and to place your order.