The team at Supermax Tools just announced an all new 16-32 drum sander!

This new drum sander has several features that set it apart from similar drum sanders currently on the market. They've added a patented quick adjustment lever that gives the user a fast and easy way to change the drum height. The new lever, allows the user to move from 0” - 3” with one pull of the lever rather than multiple revolutions of a hand wheel.

Supermax also took into consideration how to keep your workspace cleaner by adding a turbo vented dust port with an impeller-like design. This adjustment to the dust port added a 15% increase in CFM air-flow output.

Another significant change from traditional 16-32 drum sanders is the rear placement of the gear motor. By placing the gear motor on the back of the machine, stock is now pulled through the machine rather than pushed. This change improves conveyor belt tracking.

For more information on machine specifications and pricing click here.