Festool has done it again, with a few new additions to their supreme line of sanders and accessories.

Achieve flawless finishes in less time with the new ETS EC sanders. Equipped with the EC-TEC® Brushless Motors, these low-profile, long-life, and low-vibration sanders can run all day with multiple shifts. Available in a fine 3 mm stroke (ETS EC 125 and ETS EC 150/3) or a broader 5 mm stroke (ETS EC 150/5), these sanders offer the performance of an air sander without the expense and bulk of an air system.

Each sander is equipped with innovative features, which include Multi-Jetstream dust extraction, extraction connection signal, electronic active vibration stop, carbide-tipped sanding brakes and much more – making them the ultimate high-demand sanding tools.

Don't worry, If you've had your eye on the current ETS 125 & ETS 150 sanders, they're still available! These new sanders are not replacing, only further complementing the line.



New Sander Benefit Breakdown:

Ergonomic and comfortable - Compact design and ergonomic grip for greater flexibility in all sanding tasks with less user fatigue. Active electronic vibration control system prevents vibrations before they occur and the carbide-tipped pad brake and electronic control allows for smooth start-up to prevent surface marring and near-immediate pad braking.

Effective and long-lasting - Power through the toughest demands with EC TEC brushless motors delivering a constant powerful stream of performance. Exceptional service life for heavy users while providing a smooth workflow and a high degree of efficiency – no downtimes for pad brake or brush replacement.

Efficient and productive - Designed with dust extraction efficiency in mind the new ETS EC sanders integrate seamlessly into the Festool sanding solutions system. In addition they are perfectly compatible with existing Festool abrasives and pads. Boost productivity and profitability with the Festool systems-based approach to surface prep and finishing.


New Festool Hoses:

Equipped with an integrated 16 AWG Plug It Cord and sleeve, this tapered hose is the ideal partner for the new ETS EC sanders as well as many of Festool's existing sanders. The sleeve shrouds the hose to help prevent the rib of the hose from catching on materials which may damage the surface. The sleeve also allows the hose to easily navigate over edges of work tables for easier work flow while sanding. Available in two lengths, the standard 3.5 Meter, and an even longer 10 Meter length (over 32’ of hose). The 3.5 Meter hose is supplied in a Systainer SYS 3.


New 5” Pads

ETS EC 125 requires a different pad than the existing ETS 125 sanders. These pads have a central fastener to affix to the sander. The ETS EC 125 uses the same abrasives that the other ETS 125 currently uses. The ETS EC 150 sanders utilize the same sanding pads as the current ETS 150 sanders.