If you're tired of hauling around a thermos, only to drink lukewarm coffee in the afternoon, or making multiple coffee runs throughout the day, it's time to check out the newest innovation from the team at OXX.

The COFFEEBOXX is engineered with a crush-proof body, made with the impact-resistant materials you’ll often find in your favorite tools that typically take a beating. Reinforced walls, sealed up components and a spill-proof water tank eliminate splashing water and sticky buttons.

The COFFEEBOXX is also built with six external stainless steel tie downs, a retractable cord and a rubberized handle. Now it’s easy to have hot coffee when and where you want it. Pop in any K-Cup, hit the power button and you can have a hot cup of coffee in less than 90 seconds. Durable and low maintenance, all you have to do is clean it on occasion.

If the COFFEEBOXX is tough enough for the jobsite, there’s no doubt that it’s also ready for camping, hunting, boating, or tailgating.

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