It's no secret that we stock a wide variety of live-edge slabs in our “Boardroom”. They've become a very popular item for us over the years. We just received a unique selection of gorgeous pre-finished live edge slabs!

The overall dimensions vary greatly from board to board. There are smaller boards that could be perfect for a side table, sofa table, or coffee table, and there are much larger pieces that would make great dining tables or bar tops.

There are also quite a few species for you to choose from:
• Bocote
• Jobillo
• Walnut
• Dragonwood
• Curly Purpleheart
• Ambrosia Maple
• Bloodwood
• Katalox
• Sapele
• Guanacaste
• Monkey Pod
• Angelim Pedra
• African Mahogany
• Madre Cacao
• Granadillo

Come see these beauties! Click here for directions, we promise, it will be worth the trip!