You Can’t Go Wrong with the Clear-Cut TS Stock Guides by JessEm

The Clear-Cut TS Stock Guides by JessEm are one of Wood Werks most popular selling table saw accessories. Number one, they’re made by JessEm so you know they are quality pieces. Number two, our customers own high-quality machinery and want ways to make them work even better.

Here’s what we like about the JessEm Clear-Cut TS Stock Guides:

They’re precision CNC milled from 6000 series grade aluminum and anodized in JessEm’s facility in Eastern Canada. They use case-hardened, cold rolled steel for the roller axels, acetal resin for the rollers, and molded urethane for the roller tires. What’s this mean to you? They’re durable and designed to last a lifetime in your shop. They keep you safe and help you make the most accurate cuts possible on your table saw or router table.

Installing the Clear-Cut Table Saw Stock Guides is like having an experienced helper in your shop. They’re designed with rollers angled 5 degrees toward the fence. They not only keep pressure on the material, but push the material tight into the fence, and only roll in the feed direction. That means there is force in 3 axis, all of it exactly where it needs to be directed.

Spring pressure helps keep the material pushed down on the table and can help flatten a slightly bowed piece. This is extremely helpful if you’re cutting a dado in a side panel of a cabinet. It ensures that the floor of your cabinet doesn’t bow out the center of your side panel. This makes for a better product and smoother installation. You also end up with less marring of your material because of the urethane roller tires. It’s especially important to eliminate this on crosscuts of veneered cabinet-grade plywood. Applying a finish could highlight such marks made by other products.

You can’t go wrong with JessEM products like the Clear-Cut TS Stock Guides. They install easily on most T-Style fences but can also install on Incra and Delta Unifence models with available accessory kits (Incra=#04310 Delta Unifence=#04311). Sorry, they’re not designed for portable table saws.

Call or email us today and one of our experienced staff can help you get one of these in your shop!


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